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M. Sofwan Effendi


Education Fund Management Institution (LPDP) was established to address issues of financial management which had been following the scheme of the budget revenue and expenditure. With the status of public service agencies, financial management cycle LPDP offering a more flexible, so it can be more timely in financial management. In accordance with the mandate which it aspires, LPDP manage services scholarships, research funding, and the rehabilitation of educational facilities.
For four years running the service function, LPDP able to provide the best solution for the continuation of funding scholarships at master and doctoral level within and outside the country, including medical program specalist. Likewise, research funding program and the rehabilitation of educational facilities to run more optimally, due to time appropriate funding targets and execution time of programs. Based on customer surveys and service users LPDP program, during the last 2 years was able to obtain a value of 4.05 of a scale of 5 for service satisfaction program, while national and international audit opinion for the last 3 years managed to maintain an unqualified opinion.
Effectiveness of LPDP service program will have an impact on: 1) an increase in human resources Indonesia-based academic and professional; 2) strengthening the domestic industry based on the results of technological research; and improvement of national competitiveness in the global arena

Topic: Economic and Finance in Education

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