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School Health Management in the Elementary School at Kota Sukabumi
anna susana

STIKES ST. Borromeus Bandung

Research entitled “ School Health Management in the Elementary School at Kota Sukabumi” motivated by a phenomenon that health efforts learners at school is government policy that should be implemented in every school in Indonesia. Still the problems expressed by the government raises questions for researcher on how the school health management for students in schools, especially in primary schools. Research focus is the implementation of health effort for elementary school students to see managements processes undertaken in an effort to support the achievement of student in school. The purpose of the study was to obtain a complete picture of the health management process learners in primary schools that support the achievement of learners optimally. This research method is descriptive method with qualitative approach. The unit of analysis of this study is the social situation in which the management process of learners in school implemented. Research location in Kota Sukabumi, site selection study was to look at “the best practice” of the implementation of school health. The generally results show the implementation of health business for elementary school students in the Kota Sukabumi can be implemented either as a result of the local government consistency of policy implementation both organizationally and operationally implemented in schools. The successful implementation of the health care for learners in school depends on the management process developed at school. In particular the results showed that : 1) implementation of health efforts for the students in school is the implementation of the policy defined by the government centrally; 2) local government have autonomy in setting local policy related to the implementation of school health efforts in line with the health needs of learners in their area; 3) management processes of the health of students in the school is essentially a school health policy implementation operationally in a school environment that is implemented in a integrated manner with the whole school activities; 4) key factors of successful school health management is the principal’s leadership in directing, motivating, mobilizing and taking the right decision and supported by the commitment of the organization of all elements of the school; 5) implementation of health effort learners in schools funded by the government. School has the autority to manage and expoit business funding health of student in the school; 6) use of student health management information systems at the school to help in the process of student health data control, reporting and decision-making to follow the activities of students health in school; 7) the result of the effort of health for students in school looks significantly from student health monitoring periodically, changes in health behavior, increased konwledge about the health and school environment clean dan healthy, all of wich will heave an impact for the improvement of health status and achievement studi abroad participants learners. Based on the results of the research, the as an alternative to improve performance in school health management researcher recommend hypotetical model for elementary school health management.

Topic: Education Policy and Leadership

PermaLink: http://icemal.conference.upi.edu/pages/abstract.php?id=e755d242ca3efd90d92feec06a5a9941


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