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Leadership to Planning and Budgeting in Higher Education Studies at Tanjungpura University (UNTAN)
Dr. Yahya, M.Pd. and Prof. Kasman Rukun, M.Pd.

Universitas Negeri Padang

Planning and budgeting is a routine activity of a university to achieve the vision and mission of leadership in the form of annual programs and activities as well as five years. Rector of the University of Tan-jungpura (UNTAN), during the Occupation 2011-2015 has a vision "In 2020 UNTAN will be instititusi preservation and scientific information center of West Kalimantan and childbirth outcomes moral Pancasila and able to compete at both local, national, regional and international.
As an elaboration of the vision and mission UNTAN rector in 2013 has made a policy direction on three pillars, namely (1) Equity and Expanding Access (2). Improving the quality, relevance and competitiveness (3), strengthening governance, accountability and public image. This policy program was elaborated into 12 strategic targets with 46 indicators of the performance of activities with a total cost of Rp. 425 680 326 000.
From the findings showed that: a) The vision and mission of the rector is not reflected fully in the vision and mission of faculties, departments and study programs; b) When compared to the budget absorption UNTAN last five years tended to decline, the year 2010: 95.78%, 2011: 96.18%, 2012: 93.70%, 2013: 94.30%, and 2014 ie: 92.86%. These findings recommend that the leadership of the UNTAN not maximized implement budgetary planning and leadership to support all programs to run properly.

Topic: Economic and Finance in Education

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