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The Analysis of Prospect and Sustainability of Diploma III Faculty of Economics, University of Jakarta
Marsofiyati, Susan Febriantina

Universitas Negeri Jakarta

This study is a qualitative study that aims to identify prospects and sustainability of Diploma III in the Faculty of Economics UNJ, which consists of Accounting, Marketing Management and Secretary. The data used in this study are primary data obtained directly from the respondents through the questionnaire to the student of Accounting, Marketing Management and Secretary. In addition to primary data is also used secondary data that are collected by the other party, in this case using the data in the form of a database for admission and a database of graduates of the Department of Accounting, Management and Economics and Administration and Career Development Center (CDC) Faculty of Economics, University of Jakarta.
The primary data analysis are conducted on the; 1) the reasons to choose diploma programs; 2) preference in Diploma III in FE UNJ; 3) appeal offered; 4) the opportunities graduates; 5) prospects for graduates; 6) plans after graduation; 7) the ability to compete graduates with a diploma from another universities; 8) the ability to compete diploma with bachelor graduates; 9) some barriers during college; 10) the possibility if the program of Diploma III in FE UNJ is in the cap.
The secondary data in the analysis include; 1) profile regarding the competitiveness of new students; 2) competitiveness of graduates; 3) the waiting time to work; 4) occupations suitability; 5) profile job positions today; 6) the starting salary and; 7) the company perception about the ability of alumni of competitiveness entry program Diploma FE UNJ; 8) graduates competitiveness and the provision of Diploma implementation to recommend the diversion of diploma from the faculty to the vocational program or department of vocational education under rectors order auspices to increase the competence of graduates, where the faculty is not burdened with high cost whether vocational program with more focused management can further develop, ranging from diploma one, two, three, and four to the masters and doctoral applied in accordance with Law Number 12 Iin 2012, on Higher Education.

Topic: Academic and Management Supervisory in Education

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