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Teachers Professional Development Through Professional Learning Community In Junior High School
Asep Sudarsyah; Aan Komariah

Indonesia of Education University

The purpose of the study is to develop a model Professional Learning Community (PLC) by identifying a typology of the teacher professional development in terms of leadership, organizational climate and support systems. In the past, the learning experience was gained in pre-service training and in-service training lead teachers to grow and develop within the profession. But training like that had little effect on changes in the quality of teachers in the classroom. This condition was directing the research to a question "how teacher professional development through PLC is developed in Junior High School ". This study uses a qualitative method with steps: (1) the preliminary study; (2) designing model to be implemented in the first year of this study; and (3) testing a model to be implemented in the second year of this study. In first stage, the technique of data collection is carried out through an open questionnaire to 50 junior high school teachers and focused discussion with several school members. This study is urgency to providing policy direction in the PLC and ensure sustainability teacher professional development at the school level as well as improve the weaknesses of professional development. The results show the needs to be transitional model of in-service training organized at the national, provincial and district/city to the professional development of school-based consisting of three options model (1) model of direction change into facilitation model, (2) model of the structure change into the symbolic model, and (3) model of formal change into informal groups that determine the key factors: leadership of the principal, the climate of collegiality and support systems.

Topic: Administration and Management in Primary School

PermaLink: http://icemal.conference.upi.edu/pages/abstract.php?id=c1034fee59495c5388587839865b93d8


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