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Education Level good relationships with financing expensive in developing countries
Ari Riswanto, S.Pd., MM.

SPs UPI Pendidikan Ekonomi

In developing countries the problem of education is very different to countries that are already role in the category of developed countries. In developing countries the problem that characterizes this country category is an issue that relates directly to humans include economic issues, health and education. On the issue of education is the most likely and obvious in developing countries are related to education finance, which finances education in developing countries is still relatively expensive and far from free education.

Indonesia is one of the developing countries, the problem is not different from other developing countries. Uncertain economy, health has not been up service is also not equitable education for the community. This is why Indonesia became difficult country to developed country. Related to the economic and financial education-related, Indonesia still even become an expensive country if people want education to the fullest. Society must pay quite a lot if his family members want education to higher levels. As with the other countries that have focused attention to the education community through education can bring independent and advanced society.

Topic: Economic and Finance in Education

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