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School Academic Management System
Rizky Kesuma Rahman, Johar Permana, Munir


Abstract—This study examines the effectiveness of academic management system at Vocational High Schools (VHS) in Bandung City. The effectiveness of academic management system can be determined by the information system used by schools (hardware) and academic management procedures. This study aims to identify and analyze the description of the
information system, academic management procedures, and the effectiveness of the schools academic management systems, and
measure the influence of Information Systems and the Academic Management Procedures on the Effectiveness of Academic Management System in VHS in Bandung. Descriptive analysis showed that Information Systems (Hardware), at VHS in Bandung are in the adequate category. Academic management procedures are in the well performing category, while the school’s academic management system cannot be said to be effective. Good and realistic planning and implementation phases will be more successful and benefit rather than an irrational planning that is difficult to implement due to lack of resources,especially human resources.

Topic: Administration and Management in Vocational School

PermaLink: http://icemal.conference.upi.edu/pages/abstract.php?id=749312c64a6fe2a5d1b3e605d2935db3


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