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Analysis of Character Education Policy Implementation (Studies in SD Mutiara Bangsa, SD Tzu Chi and SDN 07 Jelambar Jakarta)

Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

The success of character education that was held in elementary (SD) school can not be separated from the right policy, program management system and the existence of internal quality assurance. In practice these conditions difficult to materialize. The policy does not correspond to the identification of problems. The identification itself is not done thoroughly. Quality assurance in the education of characters difficult to implement effectively due to lack of budget and human resources. Only a small percentage of schools that have an internal quality assurance system to ensure the implementation of character education.
Research objectives are 1) to describe and analyze the implementation of policies Character Education in SD Tzu Chi, SD Mutiara Bangsa, and SDN 07 Jelambar, 2) develop a hypothetical model of internal quality assurance system in character education for SD. The research method is descriptive qualitative case study approach. Selection of data sources using purposive sampling and snowball technique. Analysis of data using analysis constructionist approach to the stages of reduction, display, validation, and verification conclusion interactively.
The results showed education policy is based on the vision and the identification of problems in the education of character. Characteristics of the school encourage their creativity to organize educational activities focus on a different character. Programs and implementation of character education elementary Tzu Chi emphasis on self-reliance and individual significance in a global environment, SD Mutiara Bangsa focus on education about tolerance, SD Jelambar focus on religious values. Constraint is budgetary, not optimal practices research and development, information systems and cultures. and HR teacher. Only SD Tzu Chi has an internal quality assurance system in the implementation of character education. Both schools optimize the role of the teacher, the school principal as an internal quality assurance.
The conclusion that the vision and the identification problem as the basis of policy and program implementation. Program and implementation was held in accordance with the values which distinguish one school with another school. The main constraint is resources, weak information systems optimization and reflective research on the concept and practice of character education
Recommendations are policy should focus on solving the problem, the improvement in the availability of resources, constraints meminimalisis systematically and implement quality assurance systems in character education

Topic: Administration and Management in Primary School

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