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Lia Yuliana, M.Pd

Educational Administration Department
Faculty of Education
Yogyakarta State University

Teacher leadership in the learning process cannot be replaced by its development results of high-tech instruments though. Teacher is someone who gets tasks, authorities, responsibilities professionally to educate, teach students to have a moral character and good ethics. Entering the global era of crisis people’s character, the current global developments had a negative impact on the younger generation. Such threats must be overcome in order not to worsen the condition of the nation in forming the character of young people. Teacher as a leader in the classroom has an important role in forming the character of students. Teacher is the very dominant factor and the most important because for students, teacher often used as a role model. Teacher is elements that can affect students in the classroom, so teacher should give a good example orally, actions and attitude since a teacher is a figure in pride by students. In the classroom, forming character education is already integrated in every subject, habituation efforts can be done in the classroom by performing honesty, discipline, tolerance, patriotism, peace keeping, has a caring attitude and responsibility. Habituation is done by the teacher as a leader in the class can build the character of students in a positive way. The character positively obtained by students in the classroom and school environment can also be performed habituation of students in the social environment, for example in the family environment, community environment that will create a young generation of character. Besides in the family, school is a place to form the character of the students as the younger generation to realize the nation’s next character.

Topic: Education Policy and Leadership

PermaLink: http://icemal.conference.upi.edu/pages/abstract.php?id=582a42549cda16afef73493458e51928


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