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Effectiveness Study of Performance Appraisal in the Junior High School of Education Department of West Bandung regency in 2014


Research conducted by Nancy Catano and James H. Stronge (2006) on the conformity assessment principals with performance standards. Research conducted by Haim Gaziel (2008) concerning the performance of the principal indicating that the respondent (the inspectors) have different perceptions of the principal purposes of assessment, process, usefulness and effectiveness, which corroborate studies conducted in other countries. While most supervisors believe that the performance appraisal process greatly assist the principal, but many also from the principal stating that the vote was a waste of time.
The impression exists that the performance appraisal conducted impressed is a "formality" to implement the rules regardless of the substance of the performance itself. Therefore, a study of the effectiveness of performance appraisal principal is a very important thing to do, so that assessment given really measure the performance required as a leader in the school. The purpose of this study is (1) to analyze the performance assessment instrumentation principal, (2) analyzing the effectiveness of the principal performance appraisal content, (3) mendeskripskan benefits of performance appraisal results principals. This study uses qualitative descriptive case studies. findings indicate (1) the instruments used actually has not been fully able to see the full for the development of schools, professional development of principals and improving the quality of national education standards kdelapan. (2) Context / Content instruments used quite effectively in terms of relevance, sensitivity, Reliability, Akseptability and Prakticality. (3) the benefits can clarify the duties of school principals and can support managements decision-making. But the impact of this assessment can not yet be felt significantly by the principal. Finally, the performance appraisal principals are still considered "activities formality".

Topic: Administration and Management in Secondary School

PermaLink: http://icemal.conference.upi.edu/pages/abstract.php?id=363d00fdb5ee8f4b5a59b1b0447763e3


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