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Abdul Kadim Masaon

Universitas Negeri Gorontalo

The transformation of the ethos be one of the solutions to the various problems faced by teenagers/students. Some serious concerns with issues that /students have to deal with today are: spiritual decline, decrease self-esteem, drug/alcohol abuse, erosion of national pride/identity and violence in school. This phenomenon arose because the appropriate education is more focused on strengthening the intellectual intelligence without integrated with the strengthening of spiritual intelligence and emotional intelligence. Its impact is the institutions only generate output intelligent intellectual education but missing the nature of honest and the weakening of morality. In addition, humanistic values, manners and ethics appropriate neglected so damage of life and missing the character values that should uphold high. Lickona (1991) refer to this condition as the moral decline that spawned selfishness as a human lifestyle. These facts indicate that the institution is less effective in realizing the purpose of education as mandated Constitution i.e. embodies the human resources who believe and devoted to one God, noble character, honest, intelligent, independent, creative and ethnic work i.e. embodies the human resources who believe and devoted to one God, noble character, honest, intelligent, independent, creative and ethnic work. This failure which caused the occurrence of attrition of characters so require the occurrence process of transformation of the ethos in the school.
The process of transformation of the ethos in the school would work effectively if the principals of education to understand the urgency of intelligence as a whole which includes cortex cerebri, system limbic and lobus temporal. Cortex cerebri function set the intellectual intelligence, the limbic system function set the emotional intelligence and the temporal lobe function set spiritual intelligence. Third, this intelligence can function simultaneously and can also function independently so the impact on the character and behavior of students affordable. Goleman (1995) research concluded the highest intellectual intelligence contribution towards achievement of a person is 20% while 80% is determined by other factors. Zohar (2000) affirm the highest spiritual intelligence is intelligence and serves as a mediator between intellectual intelligence and emotional intelligence.
The school is an institution of the most strategic in character development of students who are essentially contained in the strategic plan of the school. Currently most schools only runs partially character education that is integrative with subjects so that the results are less effective. Character education should be administered systemically and become an integral part of the culture of the school in order to be successful with effective. The principal and teachers of the architecture is the future in doing the transformation of the students ethos so the golden generation manifest for 100th independence of the Republic of Indonesia in 2045. To that end, management of character education should be the starting point of the school in carrying out the transformation of multiple intelligence-based student ethos. This Research aim to produce educational management model character for the strengthening transformation of multiple intelligence-based ethos that can be a practical guide for schools.

Topic: Administration and Management in Secondary School

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