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Challenges in School Based Management: A Case Study in Two Elementary Schools in Cimahi
Aggy Elbina Febianti, Norman Sani

Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

School-based management becomes a positive trend in Indonesia recently, especially in Elementary Schools. It has been implemented to increase the quality of education in schools. Since School-based Management involves many people who directly and/or indirectly involved in the process of education in that particular school, it faces some challenges in its implementation. This article describes the challenges faced by the schools. The case-study underwent in two months at two schools in W.R. Supratman Cluster in Cimahi. The results of the research revealed the challenges: (1) the lack of involvement of students’ parents in school committee , (2) among parents, there was no one who had the willingness to become the staff of the school committee, (3) there was still a great influence of the Principal in decision-making, (4) there was still lack of awareness of the society towards the education process in those schools.

Topic: Administration and Management in Primary School

PermaLink: http://icemal.conference.upi.edu/pages/abstract.php?id=008832ac3a9c3842799758a05ab4cd28


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